Timber Clutch Purse – Golden Sassafras


Timber Clutch purse handcrafted in Australia from Tasmanian Golden Sassafras, which is native to Australia’s southern forests in Tasmania and is known for its golden-grey colour. The sassafras is very durable and has one of the best finishes out of all the timbers.

When making these timber clutch purses the primary focus is to keep everything as environmentally friendly as possible. To accomplish this all timber is sourced from renewable plantations or uses reclaimed timber that cannot be used for other purposes. Formaldehyde free glue is used throughout. The clutches are finished with natural, plant-based stains that are toxin free and ecofriendly. They are packaged in recyclable and Australian made boxes or fabric bags for storage when not in use. 175 x 90 x 50mm.

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