Testimonial 4

September 11, 2019

A great place to use your hands productively!
I recently chose to use the great workshop at Artisans to make a special piece of furniture for one of my sons. The workshop that Peter and Christine have created at this place is a very special opportunity for people like me to get active. I had an idea of what I wanted to make, but little of the necessary equipment and experience to have a go. Well Peter in his quiet and very supportive way encouraged me to get into the project. He has a workshop with all the right gear; well set up and ready to go. It was a difficult job, but Peter’s advice and help ensured I got what I wanted. We now have a bespoke family heirloom in my sons home!
Artisans is;
-a great workshop with a lot of expensive gear you don’t have to buy!
-has the benefit of Peter’s strong experience and creative problem solving support
-safe and comfortable (again; the right gear including personal safety gear and dust extraction gear on all equipment)
-is a beautiful place to hang out and get “lost” in a project
I am very happy to recommend anyone to develop an idea for a project and talk to Artisan’s about getting it done.