About Artisans

The U-Gears range of dynamic model kits in our Gallery are ideal for all members of the family.
Peter is still making his Tide Clocks – a quality hand-made item.
Feel free to call and chat to Peter or Christine about Artisans On the Hill.If you want to visit Somewhere Completely Different, then Artisans on the hill is for you – a property that is unique within Australia – the ‘brainchild’ of Peter and Christine Calabria.Peter has lived in the Manning Valley for nearly fifty years, has been a business owner, after growing up on a farm in Griffith. Lots of practical experience, a lateral thinker and problem solver makes Peter an ideal person to develop a destination such as Artisans.Christine grew up in Tasmania in a household of imaginative minds as well – a father who was an innovative and prosperous business owner and a creative and artistic mother who encouraged this in her children.Together, Peter and Christine developed their dream – Artisans on the hill – a unique concept to provide a place where anyone can come and indulge their passion to view and purchase unique artisanal craft, or to try their hand at creating functional and artistic pieces using both traditional and modern materials and techniques in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.You don’t have to indulge in these activities.

You can simply come and stay in the high quality, five-bedroom four-bathroom self-contained accommodation wing – Manning Valley Hideaway.The property was designed and developed by Christine and Peter and brought to fruition with the assistance of local builders, Sorenson and Caldon. The setting, facilities and focus are conducive to Artisan pursuits (the making of things) rather than just fine art.Something Completely Different has always been the slogan associated with Artisans on the hill – there is nowhere and nothing else which provides the same range of facilities, craft workshops, accommodation and artisan gallery together on one property within Australia.Brochures and websites cannot do justice to Artisans On the Hill – you just have to experience it first hand.Check out our “Shout Out” video to get a better understanding of what we do.