Jim Frazier Autobiography


Making the Impossible… Possible!

Jim Frazier is the boy from the Australian bush who bent the laws of physics to create a lens that changed the world of photography forever.

He used his Emmy- and Oscar-winning lens system to film worldwide for Sir David Attenborough but lost the rights to his invention because he couldn’t prove how he had done it.

This story is one of tenacity, brilliance, downright perseverance… this story is about Jim.

Title: Through the Lens
Author: Jim Frazier  Editor: Christine Calabria
ISBN: 9780646843414
Contributors: Jeff McMullen, Peter Parks, Dr Jan Aldenhoven, Glen Carruthers, Jamie Robertson, Mars Lasar.

Publication Date: 01/12/2021
Languages: English
Contents: 272 pages, photo-journal
Photographs: 700+ by Jim Frazier, Densey Clyne
Format: SoftBack